Handmade, one by one.
The longevity, durability and sustainability of Mario & Casa objects can only be achieved by hand. Therefore each Mario & Casa object is individually handmade by craftspeople, not by machines on assembly lines.
For our upholstery, we use our own fabrics, individually sculpted padding and elaborate traditional methods including internal springs and hand-stitched covers.
Our fabrics are created in harmony with their natural properties. Our rare silks are handwoven on wooden looms, our natural cottons are hand-dyed, and our fabric mixes are specially created to accentuate natural material properties.
Our rugs are handwoven or handtufted with 100% New Zealand Wool or pure Cotton. Intricate material inlays and masterful carving create patterns, luster and structure.
Our brass and silver objects are hand-cast or hand-hammered, welded and polished for structure and luster.
Our cabinetmakers take care of each single Mario & Casa piece of furniture. Wooden objects are sewn, joined, polished and finished by hand.