Design for soul and nature.
At Mario Casa Living, we combine exceptional contemporary design with fine traditional workmanship. Each individual piece of Mario Casa furniture and accessories is custom handcrafted by master craftspeople with natural materials for longevity, durability and sustainability.
The Designer
Mario Helmut Gagliardi's creative approach was first formed in his youth by Austrian-Nigerian artist Susanne Wenger and then in the Master classes of design legends Alessandro Mendini and Richard Sapper. Wenger's universal creativity, Mendini's poetic philosophy and Sapper's design precision guide Mario's work to this day.
Mario's career led him from product designer at Philips to chief designer of LG and design advisor of Samsung in Seoul, CEO of Design at Qatar Foundation in Doha, design advisor of the Austrian Ministry of Culture, and design professor in Denmark and South Korea. In South Korea, Mario created Whoo, Asia's most successful luxury cosmetics line with a yearly revenue of 1.4 billion US$. Mario spoke in universities and congresses worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, Mario now explores new forms for the living environments of the 21st century. Mario's design philosophy is fundamentally humanist, inspired by his cosmopolitan experience.
The Design
Statement pieces include the grand highback chair Fumetto and the lounge chair Gran Turismo.
Smart furniture objects are designed to adapt to the flexible demands of contemporary living. The lounge chair Cambiamento changes colors to always fit your mood.
Design has to be fun.
- Mario Gagliardi
The lounge chair Libreria becomes a casual suite to invite convivial get-togethers.
The side table Intreccio turns into a shelf if storage is needed.
Cavaliere is a side table, stool, and, when turned upside down, decorative vase. Borgo is a set of architectural side tables with a special geometry, inviting you to create many different arrangements.
Sottosopra is an accent chair with unique handwoven surfaces in multicolored cotton. Turn it upside down for a higher sitting position and different colors.

Design has to last.
- Mario Gagliardi