Handcrafted Bowls

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain is a playful architectural sculpture and a bowl for small fruit. Combine several Gold Mountains to create architectural compositions and creative centerpieces on your coffee- or dining table. Each Gold Mountain is hand-cast, then brass- plated and finally polished by hand. The hand-casting process ensures that every Mountain of Gold shows different interesting surface stuctures. Gold Mountain also comes in silver-plated as Silver Mountain. Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 11 cm.


Tessuto is a hand-hammered bowl inspired by an unfolded letter flowing in the wind. Tessuto is brass-plated and hand-polished 4 times until it becomes a mirror surface, thus reflecting light in interesting ways.  Tessuto is a poetic, gleaming accent for your dining or coffee table. Dimensions: 31x 30 x 5 cm.


Barchetta, Italian for small boat, is distinguished by it's unique hand-chiselled surface inspired by the carving marks on the planks of a wooden boat. As if it were floating on a calm lake, Barchetta is a beautiful poetic accent on the surface of your dining or coffee table. Dimensions 34 x 15 x 11 cm.