Art Deco
A capsule collection interpreting Art Deco for contemporary living.


 Triangular surfaces folded into a geometric moon. Handcrafted from Teak. Lampshade in brushed brass.


Three concepts of dimension: 2D wood inlay with oblique projection patterns, 2.5D brass surfaces with structured patterns, and 3D wood surfaces. 6 independent modular units.


Nuvole is a freestanding, sculptural shelf with organically shaped trays which can be rotated around its axis. Nuvole is ideal to display small artefacts or plants, or to keep the small important things you need everyday but don't have a dedicated space for: smartphones, thumb drives, keys... Designed by Mario Gagliardi, Nuvole is hand-carved and hand-polished in heavy grained Teak with a satin finish. Nuvole is a functional, artisanal sculpture for contemporary living. It can be easily assembled and disassembled by lining up its trays on the central axis. 


Paravento is a glamorous room divider designed by Mario Gagliardi. Representing a nightly sky, it allows for privacy when closed and transparency when opened. Paravento features 4 times 44 elements: 88 discs made of structure-patterned brass in two brass frames and 88 round openings in two Birchwood panels.  Size: 7.65 x 5x75 ft.


Bauhaus substance, De Stijl spatiality. Handcarved and handpolished from Rosewood. Upholstered seat and backrest, covered in cotton.


Islands in the sea. Set of of four handcrafted and hand-polished coffee tables in Rosewood with artisanal brass inlay. Nestle them up against each other. Their pathways are always connected.


A set of four side tables designed by Mario Gagliardi, connecting handicraft tradition with contemporary design. Hand-cast in aluminum and anodized in satin gold, these side tables have been engineered to be flexible, lightweight, and super-portable. They can be stacked to save space, placed individually or set together to create a Quadrifoglio (Italian for four-leafed clover, a Celtic symbol for hope, love and luck). Quadrifoglio side tables feature removable top plates handcrafted in Rosewood with four fine brass inlay motifs. The design process involved generative form optimization and an actual scale 3D print used as tool for metal casting.