Natura: Designs inspired by nature


Inspired by a seashell found on the South Pacific island of Aitutaki, this generous, comfortable lounge chair is constructed from a hand-welded steel frame and two handcrafted plywood shells attached to the front and back of the frame. Individually hand-sculpted, padded cushions are then hand-sewn to the shells, covered with our soft Satya Yuga natural cotton fabric and finished with a hand-stitched piping. A bottom construction with sculpted legs made from polished American Ash completes this chair.


Designer Mario Gagliardi was inspired by the sight of the sun at the moment when it just touches the Andaman sea. Waves and light refraction are expressed through hand-sewn padded tucks on seat and backrest.Named after Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun, this handcrafted bench features a soft padded cushion covered with fabric over a plywood shell resting on lathed legs in American Ash. The padded circular backrest is removable so that different color combinations of seat and backrest can be achieved.Available in 4  color combinations. Amaterasu can also be customized with our exclusive fabrics in a range of colors and qualities. To find out more, please refer to our Fabrics selection, in the menu About - Fabrics.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo stands for a smooth and luxurious ride in Italian cars. In reverence to the great GTs of Italy, this handcrafted, upholstered lounge chair is outfitted with a boxspring seat with internal springs and a hand-padded backrest. Gran Turismo is covered with handstitched cotton and features legs and armrests in hand-carved, hand-polished American Ash.


In Hindu scriptures, Satya Yuga is the Golden Age, a time of completeness, harmony and truth. 100% handmade in New Zealand Wool with shimmering Viscose inlays reflecting the ambient light of your room. 2 x 2 m.


In Tibetan belief, Shambala is a mythical kingdom. Handcrafted in brightly dyed New Zealand Wool with Viscose inlays for a subtle luster reflecting the ambient light of your room.


For this rug, designer Mario Gagliardi was inspired by the Suna patterns in the gardens of Tofuku - Ji temple in Kyoto. The pattern comes about by the play of light and shadow on its sculpted pile. Handmade in 100% New Zealand Wool, 220 x 180 cm.


Handcrafted, hand-joined and hand-polished in American Ash with artisanally woven, multicolored cotton rope. An accent chair, a lounge chair, and, if turned upside down, a dining chair. 


A ship to take you places. A centerpiece and bowl for fruit or cookies. Hand-chiseled and hand-polished centerpiece in brass. Dimensions: 34 x 15 x 11 cm.